Children seven years old and younger must be accompanied by a responsible person. Valley Metro defines a responsible person as someone who can directly control and supervise the child. Parents or a responsible person with children under the age of two must supply and use a car seat on board the vehicle.

The driver will assist you by carrying up to three shopping-sized bags and placing them inside the front door, but will not carry them inside the home.

Lost and Found
Valley Metro/RPTA and Ajo Transportation are not responsible for items lost of stolen on the vehicle. Contact Ajo Transportation if you have left an item on the vehicle. Lost articles are held for 30 calendar days.

No-Show Policy
If you are not present at your pick-up location at the scheduled time, or if you cancel the trip less than two hours before your pick-up time, it will be considered a “no-show.”

Passengers who incur three “no-shows” within a 60-day period will be notified by mail of system policies and expectations. A second series of “no-shows” may result in a 30-day suspension of flex shop privileges. Passengers may appeal “no-show” decisions by contacting Valley Metro/RPTA.

Please note: If you schedule more tan one trip in a day, each missed trip will count as a “no-show.”

Subscription Service
If you travel to the same location at the same time at least once per week, consider requesting subscription service. If you are receiving subscription services, it is very important to let us know as soon as possible if you don’t need a ride on a particular day. Subscription riders may lose their subscription privileges after recording more than three “no-shows” withing a 60-day period.

To cancel a flex-stop reservation, contact Ajo Transportation at least two hours before your scheduled pick-up or drop-off time.